Keynote Speakers

Nathan Blackaby


Nathan knew about Jesus growing up in a Christian family but decided to follow Jesus Christ during a trip to Brazil on a church short mission trip in 2000.

Carl Beech

CVM President

Carl Beech is the UK Director of The Message Trust a charity focused on reaching the hardest to reach young people with the message of Jesus. He is also president of Christian Vision for Men (CVM).

Andy Hawthorne

The Message Trust

Andy is Founder and Chief Executive of The Message and an in-demand international evangelist and communicator.

Seminar Speakers

Ron Bushyager

Mental Health

Ron is a counsellor and psychotherapist, in addition to this Ron has taught on themes of mental health and emotional well being at theological colleges and training centres. He is an associate of mind and soul, a charity that works with mental health and the Christian faith.


Jonathan Sherwin


Jonathan heads up CVM's Demolition Squad.

Ben Jack

Reaching Millenials

Ben heads up Advance: The Message Evangelists Movement at The Message Trust, committed to the equipping and multiplication of preaching evangelists in the UK and beyond. As award-winning DJ Galactus Jack he performs and preaches the gospel around the world.

Vince Turner

Just Looking

Vince and his wife Clio currently a Christian Conference and teaching centre at Weycroft Hall in Devon.


Tim Vine

Tim Vine vs The Audience

Tim is an English writer, actor, comedian and presenter, known for his quick-fire puns and his role on the BBC series Not Going Out.

Plus More...

Steve Legg


International baffler & funny guy. Editor of Sorted Magazine; Christian, author, speaker, husband & dad.

Graham Kendrick


Graham Kendrick is a singer/songwriter and worship leader.

Mark Tate

Late Night Worship

Mark is a team leader at The Grove Community in London

Roy Crowne

Morning Bible Studies

Roy became HOPE Together Executive Director in March 2010 and was previously the National Director of Youth for Christ in Britain for 12 years.

Mike Vickers

Leadership Team

Mike has been in full-time ministry for 26 years. Amongst planting churches he walks the length and breadth of Europe with a 12ft Wooden cross. He has a ruck load of stories of crazy encounters resulting in people getting saved, supernatural provision and Divine protection. Mike carries like an activation for churches to be fruitful in winning souls.