An important update

At CVM we have made the difficult but necessary decision to cancel The Gathering 2020.

Over the last 10 years we have seen almost 1000 men introduced to Jesus just through the Gathering alone, and we are so grateful for what has been achieved thanks to your incredible support over that time.

We are in the middle of unprecedented times, with so many businesses, event organisers and charities like us, having to cancel events and ask some very challenging questions about how we are able to navigate a way forward financially in the wake of this.

We have arrived at a point that we have never been at before, and we need your help, our brothers in Christ to keep CVM alive and the gospel voice to men on The front foot of Gods purposes, as it has been for 3 decades.

If you are able to gift CVM the full value of the ticket/s you purchased this year for TG20 it will keep us in the game. If you are able to donate additional funds to help CVM at this time this will play a huge role in securing the future mission of CVM.

If you gift your ticket for this year back to CVM you will get access to a special ‘event’ offer price for TG21 once booking lines open.

CVM has invested in and secured the services and kit we need to make TG20 happen, for us now to attempt to refund everyone will put the charity into critical financial uncertainty as we will need to seek to cancel all the suppliers and meet any costs incurred.

If you need to roll over your ticket for next year instead of donating it back to CVM then we can do that, and secure your place for TG21.

CVM have never asked for this level of help before, but brothers, we need it.  Thank you for being with us in this and part of the Gathering, we will have more to say and share in the coming weeks with lots of new ideas being developed right now to bring you 'Gathering’ stuff via social media.

TG21 – see you in a field near Swindon. June 25-27 2021

Any queries please email the office at rather than call as our office staff numbers are now very low, and we will reply within 14 days.

Truth and Courage, Nathan and Carl

Nathan Blackaby, CEO, Christian Vision for Men Carl Beech, President, Christian Vision for Men
Nathan Blackaby
Carl Beech

#TG21 will be taking place 25 - 27 June 2021.