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Seminars Speakers

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Bible Study

Matt Summerfield

Matt Summerfield is the Senior Pastor of Zeo Church which he leads alongside a wider speaking, training, coaching and writing work - Prior to this, he served for 18 years as CEO, and latterly President, of the youth and children's missionary movement, Urban Saints. Matt is passionate about releasing potential in people and organisations, with a particular commitment to see young people live God’s great adventure. He is the founder of – a simple idea to encourage people in future-changing disciple-making. Matt loves meaty pizzas, Belgian Chocolate Haagen Daaz and great movies! He's married to Amy, and has two sons Andy and Dan.

Just Looking

Vince Turner

Why do your mates get excited about this Jesus stuff, but nothing has happened to you yet? Is there any evidence that the Jesus story stacks up? Why should you be bothered, if quite frankly, you're not!? Tune in to "Just Looking" to see what grips the guys that get this, and what stops the guys who don't.

Vince has led Just Looking seminars at Spring Harvest for over 20 years, and thinks it's an easy thing for a seeker to find faith if they're shown the right thing. Having pastored a Community Church in central London for many years, he now leads a teaching and healing centre and a new church plant in Weycroft Hall in E Devon.

Kick Off

Starting out on the journey

Tristan Lury

Tristan is 26 years old and based in Southampton. Faith and Football are two massively important aspects of his life. He studied Physical Education and Sports Coaching at University, wanting to become a PE teacher but was always drawn to football. In February 2020 he started a brand new charity called Bridge the Gap Football. With the focus to Bridge the Gap between Football and Church with young males.

Haydon Spenceley


How can I get back on the journey from being out on the bench?

Haydon Spenceley

Growing up with a combination of a stubborn personality and a life-long physical impairment, Haydon Spenceley went through early adulthood trying to do everything on his own. Often this led to either hilarious or disastrous results until one day he realised that the One he’d given his life to years before was ready and willing to show him that asking for help, needing help even, was more than ok, it was essential. He’ll be exploring how learning this lesson changed the course of his life, which sounds nice and neat and tidy, but isn’t quite, as it’s a lesson he is learning, still, every day.

Haydon was ordained in 2014 and has been part of the team of Emmanuel Group of Churches, Northampton ever since. He is currently the Team Rector there. Haydon spends most of his time doing Church leader-type things. And when he says most of his time, he means an awful lot of time. He is the Club Chaplain at Northampton Town FC. He's written on disability, Church and faith in a variety of magazines and newspapers, spoken at Greenbelt, New Wine, Lambeth Palace, Enabling Church conferences and a lot of other places too. He says he's not as funny as he thinks he is, but he often seems to have something useful and important to add to conversations and debates. Over the years he has grown increasingly interested in the role of the Church (with a big C) in showing that there is a positive way of living life and making the world a more equitable and vibrant place, particularly outside areas of affluence and opportunity. Haydon does use a wheelchair. And not because he's lazy.

Half Time

Change of tactics or the route for the second half?

Mark Hutchinson

In 2016 Mark was working in a big job for a big company with a big house, a big car, and very little time or energy for anything else. But a time of family and personal challenge lead to a massive change in strategy. Now he works for himself, has a smaller house, a smaller car and much more time for his family and to pursue the purposes God has called him for. He will talk about what he has learnt along the way, and how God has been working through it all.

Mark Hutchinson is a 52 year-old dad of three teenage children and husband to Charlotte, based in the Surrey Hills. After 28 years as a city professional, including a spell as head of UK and Europe, Middle East and Africa head of Management Consulting for a major global firm, he decided it was about time he worked for himself and pursued his passions.
He now focuses his time on his family, trying to get better at tennis before age catches up with him and building renewable energy businesses in Southern Africa. He is also a director of a social impact firm focused on helping entrepreneurs start businesses in West Africa, is advisor to a number of start up tech companies and is a Trustee for the EY Foundation and Emmaus Rd, Guildford.

Finale Whistle

The end destination is in the sight, keeping going to the whistle!

Matthew Kipton-Smith

Matthew met the Lord after attending an alpha course at HTB in London. He met his wife, Sam, at HTB and with a little push from the Lord, asked her to marry him 28 years ago, his best decision ever. They now have 4 beautiful children, Max, Claudia, Antonia and Harry
Matthew worked as an accountant before taking over a small family engineering business in Cheshire discovering an entrepreneurial streak. His passion is exercise and this led to him rowing for GB juniors, U23s and a couple of Boat races for Cambridge.
In later life he took up cycling with a local club, the Frodsham Wheelers in Cheshire, but on one Saturday morning ride with them he suffered a cardiac arrest, while on a busy a road. Fortunately, the Lord has other plans for Matthew and via a few miracles he not only survived the incident, but is still, 5 years later, making measurable recovery from the incident. The brain injury he suffered left him without any memories back to around 2010 and about 50% memory loss back to 2000, along with significant challenges to other mental functions, such as decision making, that he’d always taken for granted! His passion now is to make the most of his Second Chance.

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