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"What women really want" - 13:40

Bekah Legg

In a world where we’re told Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, but we’ve all been locked in to the same house for weeks, Bekah gives us a rough guide to Venus and gives us some top tips for interplanetary relations. It turns out, what women want is fairly straight forward.

Bekah is an experienced leader and communicator, with a heart for justice and a passion to see men and women live in the freedom Christ intended for them. Bekah has recently taken over as the Director of Restored to continue the work of ending violence against women. She is Managing Editor of Liberti magazine and until recently was an Associate Minister at Maybridge Community Church, Worthing, discipling a large diverse congregation where she has also been Director of Mission and Communication. Her previous experience includes working with charities that have supported children in poverty, survivors of sexual abuse, families in need and refugees. Her roles have involved speaking, training, promotion, advocacy, social media and fundraising. She has also written a series of family devotionals for Crusade for World Revival.

"Tips for getting to know Jesus" - 14:10

Nigel Watts

As a follower of Christ I am told I have know Jesus personally. But how? In this session you will be taken on a short journey, inter-dispersed with stories from personal experience, on the answer to this question. Three headings will keep you on track: 1. You cannot follow someone you don’t know. 2. Make a plan to get to know Jesus. 3. Live your life by faith and obedience to Jesus

Nigel Watts was in the British Army for 25 years, serving across Europe, the Falklands, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa and Norway. Army and Combined services tennis champion spanning 2 decades, he became a member of the All England Lawn Tennis Club at Wimbledon in 2003. His passion is to equip people of all ages and stages of faith to get to know Jesus by equipping them with effective, practical skills to study God’s Word and he does this as Director of Precept for the British Isles. He is married to Molly and together they have 3 sons in their 20s.

"Like father like son" - 14:40

Andy Frost

5 lessons from Jesus who only did what he saw the Father doing.

Andy Frost has been the Director of Share Jesus International since 2008 leading scores of projects ranging from London’s Pentecost Festival to national tours. At the heart of all that he does, he wants to help people follow Jesus. He is a popular speaker who loves telling the stories of Jesus. He presently heads up the London Mission Collective; works with Care for the Family on the Kitchen Table Project and Gather on church unity and mission. Over the years he has worked with a variety of organisations including More than Gold, Big Book Media and C3 Global. He is a Methodist Local Preacher: has an MA in Applied Theology and has authored a number of books and presented the Jesus Series.
He is married to Jo and has two daughters. His downtime is spent watching live comedy, playing football or searching for waves to surf.

"Men at Work" - 15:10

Tony Plews

Tony discusses how God has guided his career, and offers perspective and guidance on the nature of success, and what it means to be a Christian man at work.

Tony Plews works in the world of commercial printing in the centre of London. In his spare time, he has a ministry for children and young people, running a Sunday morning teenage discussion group in his home church in Ealing and captaining a thriving Boys' Brigade company. He is married with two adult sons.

"Just Looking" - 15:40

Vince Turner

Why do your mates get excited about this Jesus stuff, but nothing has happened to you yet? Is there any evidence that the Jesus story stacks up? Why should you be bothered, if quite frankly, you're not!? Tune in to "Just Looking" to see what grips the guys that get this, and what stops the guys who don't.

Vince has led Just Looking seminars at Spring Harvest for over 20 years, and thinks it's an easy thing for a seeker to find faith if they're shown the right thing. Having pastored a Community Church in central London for many years, he now leads a teaching and healing centre and a new church plant in Weycroft Hall in E Devon.

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