22 - 24 June 2018

Being a steward at TG18 is about making sure the event runs smoothly and that all the facilities that delegates expected are up and running. You will work as part of a team in various venues across the site but also get some time off to enjoy the weekend and get along to some sessions. All stewards need to camp on site during the event and be able to be on site no later than 10am on the Friday in order to cover registration and briefings and be prepared to stay beyond delegate departures on Sunday afternoon.


This year there are four elements to the Stewarding Team (General, Venue, Hospitality and Night), which all operate under the Chief Steward and Venue Team Leaders and their deputies. Further details on these teams are below.


The shifts you work will depend on which of these teams you apply for, but you will have some time off to yourself and also to attend some of the meetings or seminars each day. Of course, we have to be a bit flexible about timings, as much of Stewarding can depend on the unknown - and the weather – but you will generally know in advance what time you are on and off duty. During arrivals and departures, Stewarding needs to respond to a whole range of demands and working hours can be expected to be slightly longer.


In return for this you get

We are also introducing Team Pastors to provide support to the stewarding team. Although this is a working holiday, we want to ensure you have opportunities for spiritual and emotional development/support whenever it is needed. Briefings will include a time of worship and prayer and we'll share communion together on Sunday morning. If you are a church or mission leader and would like to apply to also be a Team Pastor you will have the opportunity to do this during the application process.


Stewarding Team (General):

This team covers all of the site including main venues and involves ensuring safety and assisting in any way to help things run smoothly, between 8am and midnight. Stewards need to be polite, friendly and outgoing, good at communicating clearly, calm under pressure and able to be assertive if necessary.

All General Stewards work shifts and each team will rotate through the different shift times and venues. Different duties are covered on each shift, so this system gives everyone variety, as well as ensuring that duties are fairly distributed. You will be advised, before the event starts, which team you are on and your overall shift times for the week.

You're likely to be involved in traffic direction, car park management, helping delegates move their kit from the car parks, checking tickets, assisting with the unlimited tea and coffee, looking after inflatables or keeping venues running. You may also need to interface with the professional event teams we have on site supporting marquees, toilets, showers, water and waste. You will probably spend most of this time standing or walking – and you will be outside (whatever the weather), so warm clothing, waterproofs, and sturdy footwear are essential. You may also be needed to lift or move heavy equipment or resources - please tell us on your application if this is an issue for you.


Stewarding Team (Venue)

The Venue Team will be a smaller team than General Stewarding that will support a specific venue (either Main or Mess Tent) once the site opens for delegates. In addition to the requirements of General Stewarding you must have stewarded for The Gathering at least once before and be able to lift and move heavy items. Due to the smaller size of this team applicants will be selected based on experience. We may allocate you to a General team alongside or instead of a venue.


Stewarding Team (Hospitality):

This team is new for TG17 and will assist our catering and CVM tent team leaders in ensuring the venues and facilities used by those working at The Gathering are clean and supplied. The workload on this team is lighter than General Stewarding and as such is really aimed at those who want to offer their time but can't cope physically with the larger workload of General Stewarding. Again this team has shifts between 8am and midnight however they will likely be shorter in duration than other teams. Most of your work will be in covered venues but you should be prepared for all sorts of weather conditions, including being outside and have sturdy footwear.

For this team you'll need to be able to work independently and discreetly around those who are planning or relaxing before and after sessions.


Stewarding Team (Night)

Introduced at TG16 and finessed slightly this year is a dedicated team who cover night shifts (around midnight to 8am). You will work under a Night Team Leader and, with the support of professional services, be responsible for the security of venues and the site and the wellbeing of delegates as well as having a few other tasks to keep you occupied and awake. You will spend periods of time outside and walking around site whatever the weather, so warm clothing, waterproofs, and sturdy footwear are essential along with a personal equipment such as a head torch. The Night Team campsite will be located in a quiet zone to the North of the site. There is no obligation for the Night Team to participate in any other stewarding tasks, setup or departure other than attend briefings - once you've had enough sleep you're welcome to enjoy the sessions and activities as with any other delegate.



As with many events stewarding at The Gathering evolves over time and each year we tweak our plans a little based on feedback from previous stewards and as we get closer to the event. Some of the details above may change due to our plans changing after you've applied or circumstances beyond our control. If this happens, we're sorry - but please bear with us.

Pease call the CVM office on 01246 452483
if you wish to Steward at #tg18